• Professional Rating Service

    Highly experienced rating professionals, skilled in impairment rating using the AMA guides. We ensure the highest level of accuracy, while reducing possible claims leakage through an improper disability rating.

  • Online Referral

    We are ready to take your referrals through our online referral form, where you can easily attach all reports and supporting records. We offer prompt turn-around, as quickly as 24 hours if needed.

  • Training

    We offer both onsite and web-based training to help educate your staff with the intricacies of the AMA Guides to easily identify errors in reports, and establish best practices and claims strategies.

Our Services

iRatings offers a versatile suite of services aimed at assisting our clients with identifying inaccurate impairment ratings, correcting the identified errors, and disputing erroneous ratings through litigation or other claims strategies. With this goal, we offer the following services:
  • Rating reviews
  • Correspondence
  • Consultation.
Full services lists

Rating Reviews

iRatings will review the rating report and applicable medical records to determine the accuracy of the impairment rating assigned. We will then issue a report identifying any errors found within the rating report, outline the correct methodology under the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, and provide the corrected rating. The review and […]


Along with any rating review and report, iRatings can provide the claims examiner or attorney with a letter that can be sent directly to the rating physician. This letter can be used to proactively address the issue of impairment prior to MMI, or can be used to address specific concerns with a rating that has […]


At iRatings, we want you to know that we are here to assist you in obtaining accurate impairment ratings until full resolution of a claim.This means that we are available for consultation prior to depositions or hearings, and can testify as an expert witness at trial. Have a question? Phone consultations are also available by […]

About Us

Listen to clients, understand and identify their needs and expectations, consistently meet and exceed them. This simple statement is iRatings’ goal for each case and for each individual client. How we fulfill our company mandate defines who we are; Experienced Leadership, Innovative Outlook, Client fulfillment. more about us
Through review and consultation, iRatings is committed to ensuring that national and regional insurance carriers, third party administrators and employers pay appropriate permanent partial disability benefits based on an accurate impairment rating.   The entire team of iRatings is comprised of Certified Impairment Raters., with the relevant experience required for your organization to maximize the impact of our services.  
  • Claims experience in multiple jurisdictions
  • Certified Impairment Raters with the Fifth and Sixth Editions of the AMA Guides, experience with the Fourth Edition.
  • Experience working with national and local California insurance companies, third party administrators and employers
  • Trial and testimony experience.